Digging Out of the Relationship Rut

After years together, couples often find their lives have devolved into dull routines. They realize they have dug themselves into a rut, and they must figure out how to dig out of it to save their relationship. These people often have routines that get everything done, but their relationship has lost all spontaneity. Fun and laughter are no longer a part of their lives, and they must find a way to create some good feelings before they drift so far apart that the relationship cannot be salvaged.

Many couples with this type of issue have found they cannot reconnect, and they choose to end their association. One partner is often satisfied with the routines that were developed, but the other person feels the need for change in their life. This is the biggest cause of long term relationships splitting up, and it may simply be due to the differing needs of people. There is not really any blame to be attached, and it is best to understand that some people need routines and schedules while their partners need occasional change.

Living life after a breakup like this is generally easier on the partner who prefers routine living, and they will settle quickly into a new life. They have their own measure of success, and lack of spontaneity is often a part of that. The partner who wanted to make changes will set out to see what their new life has to offer, and they are seeking adventure rather than the comfort of routine. They might see fuck buddies as a better way to live life as a single person.

Being alone does not necessarily mean going without a partner for physical intimacy, and a fuck buddy is a perfect compromise. They offer nothing more than local sex, and a relationship is out of the question. This gives both people a chance to explore their own lives while satisfying basic needs.